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Pastiche is a full-service creative agency committed to delivering affordable solutions for web design, company branding and creative marketing. People trust us because we listen carefully, think deeply and believe knowledge inspires innovation. Independently owned, we deliver results through intentional design and by building positive connections between brands and consumers.
brand identity

Brand Identity

Brand recognition is essential to your company’s success. We design iconic logos and visual identities that set your company apart, while communicating who you are and what you do.

Web Development

An online presence is necessary in today’s business climate. We design and build custom web sites that connect with your audience to promote your products and services.

social management

Social Management

Utilizing social media is an efficient way to grow your audience and expand your reach. We leverage these tools to create content, promote your business and engage your audience.

reputation monitoring

Reputation Monitoring

Know what your customers are saying about you with our 24/7 monitoring tools. Everyone has an opinion and we can keep you in-the-know with what’s being said about your company.

Email Marketing

Putting your content in front of your targeted audience when they need it most not only brands your business, but also creates high-quality leads, expanding your customer base.

search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Organically optimizing your site ensures your customers see you, not just your competition, when searching online. We will keep you at the forefront, maximizing your online visibility.

Are you ready to transform your brand?

Pastiche starts by getting to know your industry, products, services and goals, and by identifying your challenges. Using that information, we brainstorm concepts with a commitment to evolving and refining them into a plan of action. Then, we formulate a plan to guide you towards your goals while offering expertise to overcome obstacles that may have hindered your growth in the past.

Simply stated, we identify your audience and put you in front of them. Once our plan is executed, we study interactions between your brand and consumers, fine-tuning as needed. Analyzing data a well-optimized campaign provides is the only way our efforts can become a working, living, evolving tool essential to supporting your brand’s growth.

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Your partner in authentic design & organic marketing.

Founder Lara Lightsey began Pastiche Design in 2006 while working full-time. A few years later, her business grew significantly; she needed to take the natural next step. In 2011, Lara left her position to focus her energy entirely on her clients and expanding the business. For over a decade, she successfully served as in-house designer and marketing director for an internationally recognized manufacturer. During this time, she was responsible for all aspects of corporate design, both print and web, facilitating appearances at numerous trade shows and branding the company worldwide. Her expertise involves communication in any and all capacities.  “Whether I am branding a company’s image, conveying a message internally or to the public, or researching the audience in which I must communicate, it is my sole responsibility to speak on behalf of my clients“. 

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