Creating Deep Links in CJ

To create your own text link in CJ, you can access the Deep Link tool designed exclusively for CJ affiliates on the TL Widget Maker page.


cj deep link


  •  To create your own link, enter your CJ PID number into the box provided for tracking purposes. Browse the website for the page you would like to link to. For example, to direct to the New England Patriots tickets, insert the URL into the “Destination URL” box.
  • You may decide you would like to add Anchor Text, such as “New England Patriots”, which will appear as the link the visitor can click- This is optional.




  • Once you have entered the required fields, click “Generate Code and Preview” and your code will appear to copy and paste into your website.


 To access the Ticket Liquidator Banners and Text Links that are already provided in CJ, simply select the “Links” tab in the top toolbar on your account homepage.



  • In the left menu box, search “Ticket Liquidator” under your Advertisers, and all text links and banner links will appear with the option to click and “copy” the code to paste into your website.