Creating Deep Links in Impact


To create your own link in Impact, you have access to the Tracking Link Generator on the homepage of your account.

IR deeplink



IR deeplink2


  • Once you have done so, the link is automatically created with your affiliate ID appended for tracking. Simply copy the code under “Select Link” and paste into your website.


 To access the Ticket Liquidator Ads that are already provided in Impact, simply select “Campaigns” in the top toolbar on your account homepage.

  • From here, under the Ticket Liquidator Campaign, select “Actions” > “View Ads.


IR Ads2


  • You have access to all of the current banner links and text links with the code provided under “Actions” > “Get Code” to copy and paste into your website.


IR Ads


  • Once you have selected which Ad you would like the code for, the following window pops up with multiple options for the code type you would like. You can choose from HTML, iFrame, or Tracking Link which already contains the correct correlating landing page and your affiliate ID appended for tracking purposes.


IR Ads3

  • Simply copy the code and paste it into your website.