Getting Started

Our TL Affiliates vary in their specialties and website focus, but there is a great opportunity to earn money no matter the type of website you have. Take some time to choose a target audience or focus, develop a strategy, and modify your site using our variety of tools to compliment your niche.

Affiliate sites that may complement our brand include:

Ticket & Event Industry: sites dedicated to all events and general ticket sales, ticket aggregator and comparison, or location specific (i.e. Events taking place in Boston, MA or venue specific)

Music: sites dedicated to various artists and music groups/bands, artist specific (i.e. Justin Bieber), or genre specific (i.e. Country music)

Sports: sites dedicated to various sports in general, team specific (i.e. New England Patriots), or league specific (i.e. NHL)

Theater: sites dedicated to general theater events throughout the country/by venue, or Broadway specific (i.e. Book of Mormon in NYC)

Travel: sites dedicated to hotel & flight accommodations, popular destinations, or travel guides and concierge services featuring events specific to an area (i.e. NYC)

News & Media: sites dedicated to local or worldly news and entertainment

Coupon & Loyalty: sites dedicated to aggregating coupons/discounts from various merchants and stores, or account-based cashback rewards from purchases

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