Top 5 Ways to Incorporate Ticket Liquidator into Your Site

After joining the TL Affiliate Program, there are a number of ways you can tailor your site to advertise tickets from Ticket Liquidator. Here are a few ideas that may help jumpstart or boost your campaign:

1. Add a new tab to your homepage Consider adding a tab to the tool bar or header of your site (if you have one) labeled “Tickets”. Create a corresponding page for the “Tickets” tab to feature events that direct/link to Ticket Liquidator for purchase. This will provide easy access to tickets for visitors on your site.

2. Static sidebar widget If your site has a sidebar on the left or right side of the page, this is a perfect space for our Search Box Widget. Choose up to 10 events that you would like to feature, or use the default setting to generate the top selling events on Ticket Liquidator. When a visitor clicks an event, they will be sent directly to the corresponding event page on to select tickets to purchase.

3. Text Links within blog posts or articles If your site is content-driven, adding text links within your written material is a popular technique to drive traffic. Add links to key words within the articles or posts that will direct the visitor to tickets related to the topic, artist, team, etc. being addressed.

4. Event/Venue List If you are an experienced developer, you can design a ticket listing for your site and access our Data Feed to implement event links into your own stylesheet/calendar of events. If you have basic to little knowledge of HTML, you can use our Event/Venue List Widget as an alternative. The widget allows you to easily select events by performer, location, and venue and will generate code to simply copy and paste into your site to display a ticket listing.

5. Banners & Buy button We provide a vast selection of graphic imagery for the most popular events and performers. Consider adding banners that compliment your niche and add visual appeal to your site. If a visitor clicks a banner, they will be directed to the corresponding event page on to select tickets to purchase. Adding “Find Tickets” or “Buy” buttons within your site’s content are also good “calls to action” to drive a visitor to click. Banners are uploaded to the affiliate networks regularly and available for use.

Additional Resources: Deep Linking, Widget Maker, Data Feed

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