Search Box Guide

The Search Box widget allows you to generate a custom search box with TL’s top selling events, and is great for sidebar placement on your site.

search box example


  • In order for the widget to generate properly, you must fill in the appropriate affiliate network info so the widget will track correctly: this includes the affiliate network you are joined to and your ID number correlated with that network.


  • You can customize the Search Box  suggestions by Country, City, State, and Category, and choose from 5 color palettes for the overall design. Or, change the “Suggestions” setting to “manual”, and you can enter in any events of your choosing. You will need to enter a title for each event that will display in the Search Box, as well as its correlating landing page URL from
  • This widget also contains a search field enabling visitors to browse for a specific event.


  • Once you have filled in all appropriate fields,  the code is automatically generated in the preview box to simply copy and paste into your website. Be sure to then test all the links to make sure they are properly structured, that each link resolves to the correct TL page.



*Note: Some websites do not allow Javascript on their pages. If you have a WordPress site, there are plugins available. You may also decide to search and explore other options.